National Police CCTV | CCTV Working Group
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CCTV Working Group

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Bates of Lancashire Constabulary is the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) lead for CCTV. The CCTV Working Group is a forum to promote best practice of CCTV within policing in order to improve successful outcomes and to develop joint working practices between key policing portfolios where CCTV is a key delivery factor.

The Working Group is made up of representatives from police forces, partner agencies, Local Authorities and the Home Office who are all working towards ensuring the best is achieved through CCTV and safeguarding the future of police access to CCTV by establishing an evidence base of the successes.

The CCTV Working Group meets three times a year and reports into the Intelligence Portfolio, in order to ensure that development and outcomes are appropriately disseminated across police forces.


  • To enhance public confidence in policing through positive use and promotion of CCTV
  • To maximise positive outcomes from the deployment of CCTV for prevention, detection, prosecution and public protection purposes.
  • To develop an evidence based approach to the value of CCTV in policing. This will be both academic and police service professional
  • To work across partnerships to develop and promote CCTV as a tool to enhance wider benefits such as supporting economic development, easing transportation, enhancing public safety and promoting security and dealing with major incidents
  • To demonstrate the transparent use of CCTV in policing and delivering accountability for the maintenance of standards, adherence to CCTV codes of practice and legal obligations to the Data Protection Act and to communicate British Standards and user guidance for CCTV and to encourage affordable innovation
  • To look ahead and trial future technologies to assist those managing CCTV and faced with austerity cuts. This will also ensure that best practice is achieved with CCTV cameras.

This website offers transparency in this process, with the delivery plan and actions, meetings and minutes all detailed on the webpage. You can also find other useful information, research, news articles, links that will inform you on CCTV.