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CCTV Research Library

This police CCTV website has been created to reflect the work of the CCTV working group and allow the public and partners access to research and evidence relating to police use of CCTV. Here you will find existing CCTV research catalogued and all that the CCTV working group produces that evidences the police use of CCTV.

As a public service the police are facing harsh austerity measurers and it is important to establish what is effective and how we know this. Research and evidence is one way of doing this and research on policing issues provides the police with evidence to bust myths.

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The Murder of Sadie Hartley

Sarah Williams, 35, of Treborth Road, Chester and Katrina Walsh, 56, of Hare Lane, Chester have both been found guilty of the murder of Sadie Hartley in Helmshore. Here, Lancashire Police talk about the case and how CCTV was crucial to the successful prosecution.

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